With more than 100+ IT Professionals, we have transactions with 30+ clients. We placed professionals, with expertise in fields such as Information Systems, IT Infrastructure which enable us to deliver one-stop solutions addressing virtually the full spectrum of technical needs of the Industry in the United States.

In terms of the number of IT professionals the extensiveness of the fields covered, the Fintech IT Solutions is one of the USA’s best providers of technical Human Resources services.

Intensifying global competition means that power relationships in IT/ITES circles are shifting rapidly. Along with this, the USA’s IT structure is faced with the need to transform significantly. Our role is to keep up with ever-changing industry local needs and capture the client needs so as to be the fastest in our industry at providing clients with the human resources best technical services from time-to-time.

The vision of the Fintech is to help engineers realize their dreams, provide clients with high-quality services that surpass their expectations, and consequently contribute to a better society for our clients and other stakeholders as well as the public. We will continue our drive to realize this vision.


We help IT professionals find and follow their dreams.


Global Human Resource Services Company with Technology at it’s core.